2006. 6. 20
Maestro, Juro Aoki
released an album (NF20302). Maestro, telling " I understood a little Bach when I became 80 years old", completed recoding of J.S.Bach Suite for Cello Solo No.5 in March - he was 90 years old ! The performance gives deep impression.
Maestro already recorded, in 2000, J.S.Bach Suite for Cello Solo No.6 ( NF20301).
He gave a recital on 6 June ( at Hama-rikyu Asahi@Hall ), the audience felt the holiness when he performed "Song of the Birds" of Casals.
Maestro's performing life as cellist has attracted considerable attention.

2005. 12. 1
Our 11th Hybrid SACD (NF63001) album releases on 15 Dec. 2005,the new album consists of unaccompanied violin music, the violinist, Joseph Lin , studied Theology at Harvard, awarded in many competitions.
He attracts attention very widely. Yo-Yo Ma considers Lin one of the most remarkable young violinists in the world. Lin tells, "It seemed natural and fitting to include the works of Bach & Ysaye - the harmonic relationship of the pieces would carry you from one to the next in a continuous journey."

The album is dedicated to the victims of devastating disasters in Taiwan, Niigata, southeast Asia, Pakistan......

2005. 6. 20
Maestro Juro Aoki
Most of our albums are SACD/Hybrid, there is a normal CD album -
NF20301 JS Bach Suite fur Cello solo No.6. This was recorded when Aoki was 87 years old.
He passed an interview of Asahi Press " His performance recalled us a hidden Maestro."
Maestro told, g I see music more and more, becoming older and older, I am really enjoying the performance.h ( Asahi Press on 18, June. ) We plan to record his performance at his 90 years old - Cello solo Suite No.5.
2005. 6. 1
Mr. Sachio Moroishi, one of the most well-known music journalits, gave words on fineNF.
It is put in Japanese Page, this is the part of his words.
   - The SACD albums of fineNF are Hybrid disks, it was the great idea as pioneer in 2001 when N & F started their recording and production of SACDs.
They attach much of importance to technology, however I am impressed not by technology, but by music itself. I hear high volume of sound from the rear in the Ensembles of Nagaokakyo and also in the Concertos of Ikuyo Kamiya (NF60501), I feel the sound moderate and natural. It is a proof that they understand the sound of calssic music.
They exclude unnatural effectiveness firmly, their recording of the drum of Shonosuke Okura (NF61801) and the pipe organ of Hitoshi Mizuno (NF62201) makes us relish the features of the instruments and the space of the instruments and the space of the concert halls.
  N & F, lead new technology, however their basic concern of production is not to technology, it is forcused to create Nice Music & Impression.

2005. 5. 14
La Folle Journee , one of the most exciting music festivals, was held from 24 April till 1 May at Tokyo.
320,000 people visited and enjoyed 120 concerts from morning till night - La Folle Journee !
Nagaokakyo Chamber Ensembre who had joined at Nantes, they had charming concerts.
The Tokyo Symphony Orchestra who impressed us by the brilliant sound - The Planets (NF61201) and Tsuyoshi Tsutsumi of Cello Ensembre Saito (NF61401) present Beethoven with other musicians joining from all over the world.
It was determined the festival would be held at Tokyo also in 2006. See you in 2006 with Mozart !
2004. 10. 1
The 4th album of Nagaokakyo Chamber Ensemble - "Orient & Occident"(NF60104) will be released. It has prepared an all-contemporary programme. The groundwork of Yuko Mori and Nagaokakyo Chamber Ensemble is ofcourse of the Western tradition but it goes beyond Western interpretation and techniques. It adds special touch to the music with invisible elements like "spirit", "drive", "space","wind" as well as some meticulous approach of Japanese traditions from the world of "Noh". The album could be considered as experiment of merging the Orient and the Occident.
One of the Masterpieces, "Chaconne" which was composed by Renaud Gagneux who is considered one of the major French composers of today, he wrote it for Yuko Mori.

Defeating the Norm - "Bass Pyramid"
In the two works "Orient & Occident" and "Chaconne", a new layout of players - Bass Pyramid -was used, placing the double bass in the center while the viloncellos are seperated on its both sides. This special arrangement enhanced a stretch and depth of sound especially in "Orient & Occident" that is not possible with the conventional layout.

2004. 9. 6
We release a SACD early in October. "Hiten"(NF61801). One of the most well-known Noh drummer (Otsuzumi player) Shounosuke Okura accepted our surrounding-recording, decided to make his first CD, performing with Ajinal Khuur who play a Mogolian instrument Morin huur considered as the origin of violin and BackBeat Percussion Quartet of UK. The programmes are consist of traditional Noh music, and Mongolian music and of two programmes written by Roger Marsh, one of the Japanese music authorities. They created marvelous music, give us overwhelming impression over land, ocean and culture !
Okura's shout and Otsuzumi's sound Fly high in the sky, Resound through the Universe.

2004. 8. 18
Saito Kinen Festival 2004 was opened, as usual, at Matsumoto on 15 August.
Some of the cellists who presented wonderful performance in "Cello Ensemble Saito"(NF61401)
will participate in the programmes.

2004. 3. 26
One of our SACDs"Refreshing Breeze from Behemia" by Nagaokakyo Chamber Ensemble(NF60102)
was awarded "2003 Best Recording work of Japanese Artists in Classics by Music Penclub Japan.
This Prize was founded in 2000. Nagaokakyo Chamber Ensemble was awarded succeeding Bach Collegium Japan, Mistuko Uchida and Takashi Asahina.